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:: Book 25 is now up!

The grand, mega-sized book 25 is now available for reading!

Don't jump for joy too much.

Yup, all you amazing fans, you can check out the first and second parts of book 25, All Hail the New Command and have milk splooge out your noses right crockin' now! Or you can save all the classy splooging for the holidays and have some Christmas reading as you sip your hot chocolate and settle by the fire. Isn't that great news? You can aim nose chocolate at your fireplace!

This book's definitely full of ram-slam, brain-twisting comedy the likes this series has never given you before. Yes, that type of never-before-seen likes. It's got it all!

See? I got your back. Enjoy, and let me know what you think.

— Liam, presenting all the splooge options

:: Book 25 description is up

Hey all, I know it's been a llllooonnngg time since I exclaimed happy things atcha. I've been hard at work getting back into the swing of trade shows and comic conventions after COVID. And I've also been hard at work pumping out book 25, the big two-five! I finally have an albeit quick-and-dirty description up on the site. Check it out: Book 25: All Hail the New Command.

— Liam, hard at work at whatever it is he does

:: Ebooks updated

Hey everyone, I noticed some weirdness in some of the original files of the ebooks, things that screwed up the software. I figured they might be affecting the final ebook files, so I recompiled all of the ebooks and reuploaded them. All that to say, if you have any old ebooks that weren't quite working properly, download the new ones and see if they're better.

On that note, if anybody notices anything wrong with any of the ebooks, feel free to fire me an email at, and I'll have a look.

— Liam, your file format wizard (in his head)

:: Ottawa Comiccon adds a third day

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that Ottawa Comiccon coming up in November has added a third day. So you can come visit me on Friday now as well as Saturday and Sunday. How awesome is that?

— Liam wants visitors

:: Out of COVID?

No. Not yet. Not by a longshot in a lot of ways.

But here in Canada, it seems we're pulling things along. You'll notice the Appearances section of the main page is back. So conventions and trade shows are on the horizon. Hopefully it's not too much longer now. There's even talk of one happening here in Ottawa in August, but the news is still out on that. Keep watching this space or the IAGFFA Facebook group for more details.

— Liam "It can't be much longer now" Gibbs

:: All the books are up!

As promised, all ebooks from the very first IAGFFA adventure right up until the current one (book 23) are now available on the Series page. Perfect for your relaxing days at the beaches we can't go to right now! :D

Over the next few days, I'm going to work on adding the characters that have accumulated between the last professionally published book (book 6) and the most recent ebook. So you'll see a lot of new names on the Characters page. The art will take some time to show. But feel free to explore!

Word of spoilerage. I'm updating the character profiles and overall list to their current, book 23, status. So explore with caution. If you haven't read the entire series yet, have your mind wipe device handy.

(Mind wipe devices are invented, right?)

— Liam, the bringer of your summer reading list

:: Free ebooks

Longish post here.

After a few burnouts and some time off, I'm back with a huge announcement. If you've been here before, you've heard me ramble on about how I've published books 0 to 6 of the series but have written up to book 23. After a ton of thought, a ton of caffeine, and maybe a food coma or two--maximum two this time--I've decided I will unleash the beast!

And by "unleash the beast," I mean I'm posting all ebooks here. Free. Of money. For all of you. Yeah, books 7 to 22 will appear on this site in the coming weeks. I don't want to mention a definite deadline, because there are still a couple of moving parts to consider, but soon enough, you'll all be able to read the series in its completeness for absolutely free.

The paperback publishing plan will be the same. As money comes in, I'll release the paperback copies. But as far as ebooks, they're here for you. They'll be undressed--a stock photo for a cover, no appendix material, etc.--but they'll be here. Just the story, the ebook formatting, and a few front- and back-material items.

You'll notice I said I'd release books 7 to 22 but I'd written up to book 23. What's up? I got book 23 back from my beta-reading gang not too long ago, so that still needs a bit of after-beta spit-shining. Book 23 will follow soon, but not immediately.

I'm really excited about this. I truly am. My dream has always been to share the stories with as many people who need a good laugh in a dark time as possible. My dream has never been about money. So I don't care about any lost revenue. I really, truly don't. The money I earn simply goes into covers, professional editing, and advertising. I don't care to swim in a pool of dollar bills.

If you have any questions or comments, really, please, feel free to shoot me an email. I always respond.

Thanks so much to everyone who's been with me so far. Hopefully, this idea takes In a Galaxy Far, Far AwRy to the next level!

— Liam, the release king

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